Online articles, media contributions and public engagements by David Grumett

Online articles

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Lectures, debates, retreats and sermons

‘Earth-shattering events’, sermon at Choral Evensong, Trinity Hall Chapel, Cambridge, 22 May 2022

‘Food, farming and the environment’, Quaker Concern for Animals, British Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering, online, 3 August 2021
‘Wine in Christian theology’, Zwischen Sanktionierung und Heiligung – Alkohol in Judentum und Christentum, Koscher To Go – Perspektiven auf religiöse Speisevorschriften lecture series, Jüdisches Museum Berlin, 22 June 2021

Multiculturalism and animal ethics panel, Forum for Philosophy, London School of Economics, 1 October 2019

‘The Eucharist and care for creation’, St John’s Theology Symposium, Edinburgh, 10 November 2018
‘Teilhard de Chardin, original sin and the six propositions’, Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace day conference, Augustine Church, Edinburgh, 6 October 2018
‘Eucharist, matter, transformation’, Art and Christianity conference, Ushaw College, Durham, 8 September 2018

‘Morality and ethics’, Annual Seminar, Scottish Association of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, Glasgow, 19 June 2017
'Foodbanks, theology and economics', Hope and Hunger, Foodbanks and Theology event, Durham University, 3 June 2017
‘Abstinence and justice: food in Christian tradition’, JustShare lecture, Church of St Mary-le-Bow, London, 4 April 2017
‘Eating: a Christian vocation?’, Sion College seminar supper, London, 7 March 2017

Material Eucharist day conference, Church Service Society, New College, Edinburgh, 7 December 2016
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« Le Pére Teilhard de Chardin et Vatican II » and « Mgr Henri de Lubac, advocat du Père Teilhard », Centre spirituel du Hautmont, Lille, 16 November 2013
‘Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the priestly vocation’, Sacred Heart Seminary, Victoria, Gozo (Malta), 13 April 2013
‘Forty days and forty nights?’, sermon at Choral Evensong, Emmanuel College Chapel, Cambridge, 17 February 2013